Not all NFT assets are the same. Purely digital or a digital representation of a physical asset in the real world ?
Does your asset issuance need approval from multiple parties ?
Want help creating a NFT based crowd-funding campaign ?
We work with token issuers to create the best auction type and user experience for their asset.

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Trust-full trading workflows without being a middleman.
All trades settle directly on the blockchain.
Research into state channels that can maintain trust, lower fees and increase transaction speed.


Crypto Kitties, baseball cards, reward based crowd-funding, carbon credits, rare bottles of wine.
They are all different types of non-fungible assets, yet live under the same umbrella.
We will offer multiple types of auctions and sellers can chose what best fits their asset.



Experienced developers with 10+ years of experience and a proven track record in building bespoke smart contract solutions for clients as part of our prior consulting offering

Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu
Founder and CEO
Ionut Manolache
Chief Technology Officer
Solomon Coriiu
Senior Software Engineer
Gabriel Coriiu
Senior Web Developer
Sorin Pintilie
UX and Design Consultant
Garrison Breckenridge
Creative Strategist


Vinay Gupta
CEO of Mattereum
Aleksandr Bulkin
Co-Founder and MD of CoinFund
Dr. Aeron Buchanan
VP of Web3 Foundation
Anish Mohamed
Token engineering researcher